Alessandro Ballarin, Giuliana Ericani

Jacopo Bassano e lo stupendo inganno dell'occhio

Jacopo Bassano
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The greatest realist painter prior to Caravaggio. From his earliest period to the works of his final years, the exhibition and other events are intended to delve deeply into all the aspects associated with one of the greatest artists of the 16th century.

Jacopo Bassano e lo stupendo inganno dell’occhio is an event which starts three years of celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of Jacopo Bassano (1510? – 1592). Set in the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa, permanent home to 21 works by this painter from the Veneto, the exhibition includes one drawing and 15 paintings, many of which have never been seen before in Italy and some of which, on public display here for the first time, are from public and private international collections. The exhibition itinerary starts with an unpublished, early Adoration of the Magi, recently discovered in Rome, and gradually works up to his more mature works. As a young artist, his painting was influenced by Naturalism but his style later matured into an exasperated form of Mannerism, when the painter acquired a new, personal language of expression. His unusual use of color and light is beautifully demonstrated in his work entitled Two Dogs, a masterpiece from the Louvre on loan to Italy for the first time. A small section of the exhibition is devoted to Bassano’s portraits: the Portrait of a Cardinal from the Szépmüveszeti Múzeum in Budapest and the Portrait of a Venetian Senator from the Staatliche Museen, Gemäldegalerie in Berlin are two masterpieces that are fundamental to a full understanding of his outstanding introspective qualities.

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