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Hollywood sul Tevere Anatomia di un fenomeno

Hollywood sul Tevere
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The years when the great American film-stars came to Rome, life in the cafés, the paparazzi and one of the world's great film-production centers: a flashback composed of images, testimonials and interviews in a book full of appeal.

When the long night of prohibition imposed by the Fascist regime with regard to American films was over, Cinecittà arose from the ashes of war and shone throughout the ‘sixties with a new splendour. This unique, unrepeatable moment was both the cause and effect of the presence of the great American film companies which, attracted to Rome by its beauty and the low production costs, decided to use it as the setting for many great films: blockbusters (like Cleopatra) and romantic comedies. Those were the years when Louis Armstrong performed with his orchestra in Botta e Risposta (Tit for Tat) by Mario Soldati, Orson Welles shared the stage with Mario Cipriani – Hollywood on the Tiber is America close up, very close indeed, with its stars patronizing our cafés, participating in Italian films and that dolce vita (sweet life) which was to become bitter nostalgia in the ‘seventies. The book fully reflects this climate and alternates critical texts with interviews, conducted by Marco Grossi, with some of the stars of the period, like Elsa Martinelli, Lando Buzzanca and Franco Interlenghi. But what really describes the charm of Hollywood on the Tiber, more poignantly than the words, are the illustrations and photographs which succeed in conjuring up the atmosphere and the magic of that unrepeatable moment.

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