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Gian Micalessin, Fausto Biloslavo

Guerra, guerra, guerra Trent'anni di conflitti vita e morte nelle parole e nelle emozioni di due reporter

Guerra, guerra, guerra
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«No, I refuse to die this way. My men and me will die fighting. So what do you want to do? ». Captain Ali looks me straight in the eyes. His question rings in my ears but struggles to reach my brain. His sentences mingle with the crackling sound of the radio and the echo of the gunshots. They unravel into single words: isolated images, rare, devoid of meaning.

For over thirty years, journalists Fausto Biloslavo and Gian Micalessin have reported on wars from all over the world. Driven by their passion for journalism and adventure, they have stared death in the face, mourned the passing of less fortunate friends and colleagues and have had the strength to relay the horrors they have experienced. From Afghanistan to the Ugandan carnages, to the common graves of ex-Yugoslavia and the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Chechnya, the authors guide us through the pages of their book on a journey filled with danger, drama, courage and fear.
Page after page we experience the upheaval of battles, the pounding sound of the bullets and the dull thud of the grenades. We stare into the eyes of the mercenaries and criminals responsible for atrocious crimes, but also those of brave soldiers fighting for freedom. We meet children forced to take up arms at a tender age, and children who escaped the horrors of war.
We listen to the words of those ready to sacrifice themselves for a warped ideal and the first words of a photographer after his six weeks of captivity in Chechnya. We sense the fear in the trembling words of a reporter covering the Ebola virus epidemic in Zaire and we understand what it means to be surrounded by the smell of death.
In these pages we will find faith and reason, discomfort and hope. We will find friendship and pain. We will find war as it has never been documented before

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