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Giulio Iacchetti Oggetti disobbedienti

Giulio Iacchetti
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The unusual work of an Italian designer who is internationally renowned for his work with important brands. An exhibition and a catalogue devoted to 'disobedient' objects which offer a pause for reflection or constitute a pretext for broadening the subject and transcending both the world of design and individual designs.

For this exhibition staged at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Giulio Iacchetti offers a small selection of his designs. In other words, it is not a monograph but an exhibition of ‘pretext objects’. The designer, winner of the Compasso d’Oro in 2001, together with Matteo Ragni, for the Moscardino cutlery designed for Pandora, sets most of his products to one side and concentrates on a series of objects which are difficult to define. His so-called ‘disobedient’ objects, which defy the logic of consumption, refuse to be defined as ‘design products’ and aspire to be something else. In the catalogue, designed by that great master of graphic design Italo Lupi, every single design is accompanied by a text written by an author who has the task of using an aspect of the design to broaden the field of discussion and talk about something else. The writers’ imagination and thoughts range in quite unexpected directions. “It’s possible to raise doubts through design, too,” claims Giulio Iacchetti. “Doubt is always part of the creative tension that guides my approach to any design: suggesting an idea, leaving a mark. For example, my design for the ice-cube mold in the shape of a gold ingot… My designs aren’t going to change the world but they embody an immaterial value, an extra dimension that transcends their value as an everyday object”.

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