Giovanni Frangi

La règle du jeu. Giovanni Frangi Six gardens / Sei giardini

curated by Massimo Recalcati

La règle du jeu. Giovanni Frangi
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La règle du jeu, a title borrowed from a famous Jean Renoir film, is an installation of six paintings inspired by the vision of a park in which the evening light and shadows trace an unnerving landscape.

What can have happened? Or what is about to happen? These are the questions raised by Frangi’s works in visitors’ minds. An air of suspicion surrounds “La règle du jeu”. All six pictures are the same size (measuring 4.20 by 2.60m) and show the same image, repeated with different effects. They were painted this summer and constitute the evolution of Giardini pubblici, a work presented in the La scelta del museo exhibition (centred on observing a single picture accompanied by all its preparatory studies) at the Mart in Rovereto in June 2010. The Rovereto exhibition closed on 10 October, on the day of contemporary art, with a discussion between Giovanni Agosti and Lea Vergine on this painting and whether the painting medium can be modern. Frangi believes the answer already lies in his work and his persistent research. Pursuing a totally uncommon and anomalous creative path and seeking the reasons for and needs of his work in his own obsessions, Frangi is a precise point of reference on the Italian contemporary art scene, partly thanks to his use of special techniques, environmental experimentation and analysis focusing on several nature themes. Massimo Recalcati (Milan 1959), one of Italy’s best-known psychoanalysts, is the curator of the exhibition and author of the essay in the catalogue.

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