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Giacinto Bosco. Doppio sogno

Giacinto Bosco. Doppio sogno

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This volume is the catalogue of an exhibition presented from 11 June to 11 September 2022 on the shores of Lake Iseo, where some 40 bronze works were displayed, including some of monumental dimensions (the highest being six metres tall), as well as a sort of compact vade mecum to the artistic path of the Sicilian sculptor.

Giacinto Bosco, born in Alcamo in 1956 but Milanese by adoption, is one of the most recognisable and accredited figurative sculptors on the Italian art scene today, and his work belongs fully to the classical tradition of the twentieth century. His output is characterised by an interest in myth and its consequent rewriting in a modern key, which on this occasion takes the form of a series of works focused on the representation of the supreme sentiment: love. The heaviness of bronze, the artist’s favourite material, finds a counterpart in the lightness with which his figures, the new Orpheus and Eurydice, variously embody the most intimate and intense nuances of the passion of love. Together with this theme, another is notable for its constant presence in the artist’s canzoniere: that of the moon, to which, over the years, he has devoted veritable “little idylls”, also constantly inspired by cultural reminiscences ranging from Ariosto and Leopardi to a decidedly more Pop imagery, such as that found in Frank Capra’s films.

Bilingual Italian / English edition. Translations by: Gordon Fisher, Liquid Translations, Glasgow; Donatella Esposito (for the text on p.9). For the texts of the Critical Anthology the translations are taken from

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