Pramod Kapoor

Gandhi La biografia illustrata


"Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth." Albert Einstein

The life and values of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi serve as a model and permanent source of inspiration across the world and it is the very complexity of this figure that makes him so intriguing. His exceptional achievements overshadowed many aspects of his life and intellectual journey. Adopting a radically original approach, this illustrated biography seeks redress and highlights the current relevance of one of the most venerated figures in the modern and contemporary history of both India and the whole world.
Gandhi. La biografia illustrata takes an intimate look at the path that resulted in a fun-loving and boisterous lad becoming the Mahatma. From his schooldays and early marriage in Kathiawar to his first visit to London, from his fortuitous involvement in a South African legal case to a train journey to Pietermaritzburg that triggered his first battle for equality and from an unsuccessful career as a lawyer to world renown as a paladin of human rights, Gandhi was a lifelong rebel and revolutionary who brought true meaning to the concept of civil disobedience and peaceful protest.
This book is a product of in-depth research and retraces the Mahatma’s life in – often previously unpublished – pictures gathered worldwide. The texts and accompanying photographs tell the story of a unique personality with a human side, his failures and successes, the personal relationships with his contemporaries and his difficult family relations. This book is also a devoted act of love – an ambitious attempt to present Gandhi’s methods and message to a new generation of readers.

17 x 23,5
hardcover with coloured dust jacket
Year of publication