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Forum Romain. Palatin. Colisée Guide

Forum Romain. Palatin. Colisée
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A short guide that allows to visit the entire classical area of Rome throughout all its most typical monuments: the Roman Forum, the Palatine, the colosseum valley and the Domus Aurea.
French edition.

In the monarchical period, the Roman Forum’s area was a marshy valley where the residents of the hills buried their dead. The Etruscan dynasty of the Tarquins paved it and used it as a public space. With the construction of the various Imperial Forums, the Roman Forum remained the city’s symbolic center but lost its true political function, becoming the place where the emperors were deified after his death. Apart from repeated restoration work, the last monumental project was that of Maxentius in the early fourth century AD. The Palatine, instead, is closely associated with legends of the city’s foundation, such as the story of Aeneas and Romulus. The city founded by Romulus overspread the hill and Romulus himself lived in a house, identified as a hut on the south-west corner of the hill, continually restored in honor of the city’s mythical founder. The valley of the Colosseum is enclosed by hills. It became one of the most important and populous districts, traversed by what is now Via dei Trionfi, which led to the Via Sacra and the Forum. The first setback came in AD 64, when the great fire
razed the district to the ground. Nero then took over the valley and hills to build his immense palace, the Domus Aurea, where now guided tours (220 meters through 32 rooms) are organized in groups of 25 and last some 45 minutes. The entrance is on Via della Domus Aurea, which climbs up the Oppian Hill from the square of the Colosseum. The grandeur of the Domus Aurea now became legendary,
like its creators Severus and Celeres.

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