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Fornasetti I.L'artista alchimista/II.La bottega Fantastica

curated by Barnaba Fornasetti

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A cult designer for collectors of modern antiques, Piero Fornasetti was a brilliant and prolific creator and his art, decoration, interior design and design production has, at last, been brought together and documented for the first time in a comprehensive book that contains the immense output of a rebellious mind that went totally against convention.

His son, Barnaba Fornasetti, continues his father’s work with tools and methods preserved over the years, and has helped create an iconographic archive of amazing substance and value. 2800 illustrations have given rise to a sort of “artist’s book” with a most original graphic design that paints the closest picture possible of Fornasetti’s creativity and modus operandi. The first of two sizeable volumes contains biographical notes and the most significant works he produced in the artistic field: paintings, sculptures, engravings, furnishings, interiors, graphic design, textile production (scarves and fashion fabrics) and glass. The second tome is, instead, devoted to the design and decoration of objects, from furniture to screens, panels and ceramics, retracing the history of the atelier from its foundation to the present day. In addition to the book, Barnaba Fornasetti will open a showroom in the heart of the Milan design scene for the Salone del Mobile, to showcase the incredible worth of his father’s work. It is intended for lovers of design, collectors and the curious who are capable of focusing the same attention on a visual reading of its illustrations as they would on a written text.

28,5 x 33,5
hardcover with dust jacket
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Out of print
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