Forma La città moderna e il suo passato

curated by Adriano La Regina, Massimiliano Fuksas, Doriana O. Mandrelli

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The exhibition is based on the title of the famous Forma Urbis Romae, the marble plan of the imperial era that has partially revealed the visage of ancient Rome.

[Form. The modern city and its past] The exhibition, based on the title of the famous Forma Urbis Romae, the marble plan of the imperial era that has revealed, though in a fragmentary way, the visage of ancient Rome, is indicative of an intention to concentrate on the safeguarding and utilization of the enormous archaeological heritage that forms the skeleton of a modern metropolis with which it must necessarily establish a dialogue today. On the one hand, attention has been paid to knowledge of assets, retracing the history of the excavations that precisely in the central area of the city, over the centuries, have led to great archaeological progress, as documented in the selection of works exhibited. On the other, there is a new focus on the sculptures that have been found by recent studies, which are presented to the public here for the first time, bearing witness to continuing research. But the fulcrum of the exhibition, with a futuristic installation design by Massimiliano Fuksas in the evocative spaces of the Colosseum, the monument that symbolizes Rome, is represented by the urban planning studies that since the last century have aimed at reconstructing lost unity in the utilization of the urban fabric. A number of models specially created for the show illustrate the latest projects.
The catalogue, with its very innovative graphic design, includes a part containing authoritative interpretations by the superintendent Adriano La Regina and the architect Massimiliano Fuksas, accompanied by illustrations created for the occasion. The second section of the book offers more traditional illustrations of the works on display, with particular attention to the newly discovered sculptures.
Rome, 2004-2005

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