Espressione di Gio Ponti

curated by Germano Celant

Espressione di Gio Ponti
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An important cultural with an exhibition dedicated to Gio Ponti curated by Germano Celant. Together with the catalogue a rare reprint of the legendary "Aria d'Italia Espressione di Gio Ponti" which first came out in 1956, a prime example of his talent as a publisher above and beyond his acknowledged brilliance as an architect.

Gio Ponti, the spurned father of all Italian architects who followed him, is to feature at the centre of a cultural event scheduled to be held in Triennale di Milano. The exhibition’s hundreds of drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, artistic tiles, furniture and architect’s models bears witness to Ponti’s incredible range and creative fertility. The catalogue has been produced in magazine format, and comes complete with a reissue of Ponti’s legendary Aria d’Italia espressione di Gio Ponti curated by the architect in person in 1956, an example of his sweeping talent as an architect and as an editor. “Love all architecture, ancient and modern. Love architecture for all the fantastic, solemn and adventurous things that it has created, invented, whose abstract, allusive or concrete forms nourish our spirit and ravish our thoughts, the scenario and saving grace of our lives” Gio Ponti.

Gio Ponti is one of the very first global architects of the twentieth century, who designed buildings in Italy and Europe, but also further afield, from Hong Kong to Denver, Baghdad to Caracas, and San Paolo to New York, Ponti also won international recognition as a designer and an expert and critic on architecture. His boundless spirit of enquiry and his genius were the driving force behind the founding of the prestigious “Domus” magazine and the landmark “Stile” publication, both witnesses to his constant search for links between architecture and the arts, and his desire to promote and draw attention to both. This desire culminated in the first Triennial Exhibition held in Milan in 1933 and its succeeding editions.

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