Emma Vitti Configurazioni provvisorie / temporary configurations

curated by Roberto Mutti

Emma Vitti
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About 15 photographs allow the public to travel within the artist's visual metaphors, to let themselves go and probe further to see and "see beyond" in order to find themselves within their own story through a journey of the soul full of atmosphere and emotion.

A series of pictures taken at the fish market in Catania: a place where you can breathe strength, primeval energy, where the smells, sounds, voices and colors have strong tones, where life and death are captured in a unique circular motion. Whereas in early paintings, the memento mori constituted a warning, a plea to think about the transience of earthly things, contingency, reminding us of our imminent end through symbols, the memento vitae addresses us with the same urgency, the same dynamics but overturns the warning, reminding us of the need, the explosive force of the being who imposes his/her own goal, a reconciliation between the two opposite poles which govern our psyche. Emma Vitti likes to say that we all struggle to cope with death because our culture prevents from reaching the dimension of pleasure – or makes it more difficult – and that it is this, and not death, that we are really afraid of. It’s an interesting concept that enables us to understand her photographic research where sensuality, which is ever present, muscles its way in between the folds of reality and reappears with all its insidious, seductive appeal. At the same time, according to the artist, pain, suffering and lingering over anxiety are elements associated with human lives but it is beauty that masks suffering, it is the relationship created between two individuals that enables us to go beyond, it is the creative journey that suggests a possible way out. She is not interested in having her works observed by simple, astonished observers, who may be puzzled, approving or sceptical about her work, but interlocutors who realize that, through her photographs, as she says, they can not only “experiment with life” but those who follow her can experiment with life with her.

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