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Divus Vespasianus Il Bimillenario dei Flavi

Divus Vespasianus
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A summa of the roman civilisation under the Flavian Dynasty (69-96 ad) 2000 years after the birth of vespasian, the emperor who built the Colosseum.

Written contributions by leading experts and forceful pictures, as well as the exhibition in the Amphitheatre and Domus on the Palatino Hill which are named after the Flavians, reveal the true face of the Emperors of this dynasty. Vespasian, the elderly soldier who looked like a peasant and restored peace and political and economic stability after Nero’s excesses, received widespread consensus. His son Titus was less fortunate in life and, thanks to his munificence, known as “delight of the human race” – a renown that was perhaps underserved given the cruelty he showed in the destruction of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. However, during his short reign, he had to cope with the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius. The benefits produced by Vespasian’s regeneration were quickly lost and the forced tyranny of Titus’ brother Domitian eventually led to his assassination and damnatio memoriae. The catalogue is divided into three parts: the first illustrates Vespasian’s ascent to power and the surrounding events, especially the Great Jewish Revolt. This is followed by contributions on the Flavian ideology, the portraits of family members and the historical importance of art and propaganda. The second part illustrates the construction activity that changed the face of Rome, from the Colosseum area to the Palatino Hill, the Forums, the Quirinal and the Campus Martius. Suffice to remember the Templum Pacis, where people could stroll past the flower beds, fountains and works of art quietly discussing culture. The third part focuses on the Flavian government of the Empire, town planning and architecture outside Rome, the provincial administration and the Imperial properties, with special reference to Pompeii. The witnesses of the era were Pliny and Martial.

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