Destini incrociati hotel. Paul Gauguin e Vincent Van Gogh

Destini incrociati hotel. Paul Gauguin e Vincent Van Gogh
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Episode after episode, Destini Incrociati Hotel, the TV program broadcast on the Sky Art channel, uses a simple format and original graphics to describe the magic that evolved when two great players in the history of art met, and much more. The program has become a cult in its own right and has received much praise from television critics. The book is based on the TV model and the result is an illustrated guide to the lives of two great artists: Van Gogh and Gauguin.

What were the extraordinary circumstances in which the genii of two of the greatest painters of the 19th century met?
In which Parisian bistrots did painters and intellectuals use to meet? What revolutionary inventions were transforming society and what events in particular aroused the curiosity of newspaper readers of the time?
In 1888, in Arles, in Provence, two men find themselves sharing the same house. Two friends, but also two artists, two brilliant, complex minds, enclosed within the same walls…
That is how the friendship between these two figures began, a friendship which was to change their lives.
Let’s imagine that the place where these encounters between two different destinies took place is a hotel, in which the floors linked by the lift represent the years during which their life unfolded, and that the rooms on the various floors represent the various things that happened to the two people and, at the same time, portray the facts, places, habits and customs of the period in which the artists lived.
All this is explained by a map which shows the readers how to read the book. The rooms relating to Van Gogh are yellow, while the rooms that refer to Gauguin are pink and the ones which refer to both artists will be dotted in both colors. The pale-blue rooms are the ones that refer to the habits, the figures and the history relating to both artists.
A new series of smart books which has the aim of conveying art with a new slant,
directed at a wide audience without compromising the quality of the information.

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