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When the world must come together as one

When the world must come together as one
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When the world must come together as one. This book of photographs is also devoted to matters that involve our present and future, our daily lives, our ethics and our dignity, something that affects everything: the environment.

The story of men and women, research scientists, explorers and geologists who, far from the limelight, have devoted their lives to our most precious asset. These are courageous and intelligent men and women, whose dedication enhances the value of our very existence. Research scientists, explorers, geologists, people who live for their work, unknown to any of us – yet, they are working for all of us. People who penetrate the Earth and work in parts of the world still covered in ice, far away from civilization – yet they work on behalf of the civilized world. Their work is devoted to our planet, Earth, which is always under threat. Because our planet, like every asset we own, must be protected. Science means thinking about the future. Science means operating silently, making sacrifices, living with a sole aim – tomorrow. We only become aware of this important work when we talk to someone who knows about it and is willing to talk about it – and only very rarely can we express our gratitude.
The book looks at the history of commitment through well-known faces from the past: for example, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Today, the history of commitment is at a critical stage – a stage that is brimming with emergency, attention and responsibility. This stage focuses on the question of the environment. The book contains testimonials about the environment from important figures like Bob Dylan, HRH Prince Charles, Leonardo Di Caprio, Al Gore and many others. They express their hopes – some sensible, some far-fetched – and suggest projects for the race against time, and against the increasing heat of the sun, against forces which are beyond human control. And yet, always, this is about the commitment of people who are fighting our battle for us.

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