Cristina Ambrosini, Alberto Crosetto

Caccia al tesoro. Alla scoperta del Museo di Antichità di Torino

Caccia al tesoro. Alla scoperta del Museo di Antichità di Torino
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Statues, fragments, jewelry and more: ten clues and ten games to discover the oldest traces of the presence of man in Piedmont, from the Roman era to the Middle Ages.

[Treasure hunt. Discovering the Museum of Antiquities of Turin] In keeping with its policy of promotion of the heritage of art in Italy, Electa, in collaboration with the related governmental agencies, presents a new series of publications, the Treasure Hunts. This is a very stimulating and ambitious project, to accompany young readers through the universe of museums. The books in the series, sold in museum bookshops, are aimed at youngsters between the ages of eight and twelve. If it is true that every painting “hides” a story, then a visit to a museum can be transformed into a true treasure hunt, involving precise educational strategies. After the books on the Accademia Galleries of Venice and the Egyptian Museum of Turin, this is the guide to the Museum of Antiquities in Turin. Pretending to be an archaeologist in search of hidden treasure, young readers can make use of the clues offered by the book, solving simple problems – the puzzle, the image out of focus, the intruder – for a more distinct perception of what the statues, pottery and jewelry on display can narrate about the civilizations that produced them. At the end of the hunt the sum of the points accumulated in the various games provides a rating of the young reader’s spirit of observation.

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