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Broken Nature XXII Triennale di Milano

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English edition.
The XXII Triennale International Exhibition in Milan entitled Broken Nature. Design Takes on Human Survivalexplores the state of the relationship between us and the natural environment, one that has been seriously compromised if not totally broken in recent centuries. The catalogue is published in partnership with Electa. Humans must hurry to remedy the situation by restoring the bond and rebuilding what has collapsed. Looking at a wide range of architecture and design projects, the exhibition reflects on the notion of “restorative design”, highlighting objects and concepts that reconsider the relationship between humans and their environment. Broken Nature promotes the importance of creative practices when investigating the bond between our species and the world’s complex systems and introducing repairs where necessary via objects, concepts and new processes.

Through the voices of curators, scientists, scholars, designers and artists, the catalogue reflects on certain design approaches that encourage a multifaceted and inclusive reading of themes such as climate change, immigration, intelligence artificial, politics, gender, work, the economies, social justice and natural history. Moreover, it hopes to stimulate gratitude and respect for the systems in which people live and work, and favour an approach focused on life beyond the next few generations. It includes an introduction by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator at MoMa of New York, many contributions and the international participations to the exibition. As well as being a compendium of the approximately 120 projects on show, the book serves as a publication in its own right that uses design as a prime observatory from which to explore how humans relate to their natural, social and cultural environment.

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