Mario Manieri Elia

Barocco leccese

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The Baroque in Apulia, in a volume covering two centuries of a complex, fascinating chapter written "at the margins" of the history of architecture.

[The Baroque in Lecce] Two hundred years, from the end of the 1500s to the second half of the 1700s: this is the historical span Mario Manieri Elia has selected to define the limits of the research whose results are illustrated in this volume.
With detailed information based on in-depth study the author reconstructs the small but important cultural world of the Baroque in Apulia, contributing to go beyond the usual historiographical distinctions between “center” and “periphery”, “innovation” and “lateness”, shedding light on the way marginal contexts can offer solid evidence to counter the notion of the linear path of history. Latent energies make the architectural narrative of these pages fascinating, as novelty and tradition intertwine in an intense dialogue.
The volume offers a wide-ranging reconstruction of the various characteristics of the Baroque in Apulia, through an itinerary that also touches on minor works, tangible memories of the greatness of the region’s past.

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