Arte Veneta 78/2021

Arte Veneta 78/2021

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Founded in 1947 – under the presidency of Giuseppe Fiocco and the scientific direction of Rodolfo Pallucchini – “Arte Veneta” (Venetian Arts) has become in time among the most important specialized publishings in art history. The present edition opens the contribution by Andrea De Marchi, dedicated to the research of the origins of Stefano da Verona; followed by topics in the Renaissance field tackled by Giulia Altissimo, Matteo Ceriana and Milena Dean with the presentation of the Crocifisso of San Francesco della Vigna and by Miyuki Suami, who rereads in a new way the Pala of Tullio Lombardo for the Bernabò Chapel in San Giovanni Crisostomo in Venice.

There is also, for the Renaissance period, the document excursus of Genevieve Verdigel on the use of the red chalk in the Venetian drawing between the mid-15th century and 1540. The volume proceeds with interesting essays from the seventeenth-eighteenth centuries – by Gianni Peretti, about the activity, neglected so far by the studies, of Alessandro Marchesini for Augusta, and by Bozena Anna Kowalczyk, who reconstructs the story from an important view of Milan by Bernardo Bellotto.

Closes the section of essays, the in-depth of Roberto De Feo with news about Francesco Hayez, Giuseppe Molteni, Michelangelo Grigoletti and Ludovico Lipparini.
Follows the Reports section, with inedited findings and attr
ibutions – including a lunette assigned to Bartolomeo Buon by Elena Cera; a Padovanino coming from the Venetian church of San Giorgio, presented by Amalia Pacia, and a remarkable bust signed by Alessandro Vittoria from the Musée des arts décoratifs in Paris – and in closing, for the Carte d’archivio (Archival Papers), the contribution by Elisa Puppi who reconstructs the figure of Francesco Zen and that by Alberto Perez Negrete, who makes it known inedited documentary notes for Juan Marin, military engineer between Venice and Spain.

All the contributions are accompanied by a rich iconographic apparatus.

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hardcover with dust jacket
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