Marco Mulazzani

Abtei Marienberg / Abbazia Monte Maria Monte Maria, la storia Werner Tscholl, la rivitalizzazione dell'abbazia / Marienberg, die Geschichte Werner Tscholl, die Revitalisierung der Abtei


This book illustrates the architect Werner Tscholl’s architectural conservation, restoration and regeneration work at the abbey of Monte Maria near Burgusio in Val Venosta, the highest Benedictine building in Europe (1335 m.) and one of the most important monasteries in the Tyrol area.

The first section features a detailed analysis of the abbey’s original historic context, an essential premise to an understanding of the latest cycle of works, undertaken by Tscholl from 2005 on at the request of the Abbot Bruno Trauner and continued with the Abbot Markus Spanier from 2011 on. The book therefore explores the outcome of a project spread over a timespan of more than 15 years and characterised by a large number of diverse interventions – from meticulous restoration to broader extension works – all within a vision that combines history and the future.

The main body of works completed in recent years centred on an underground library beneath the Herrengarten, with the conversion of the former church of Sant’Egidio to a reading room for the public and the creation, on the west slope, of a café and the Casa dei Giovani. This was followed by the installation of the abbey school museum in the south wing of the monastery and the renovation of the church of Santo Stefano, with a reorganisation of the monks’ graveyard.

Tscholl’s ability to achieve a natural but not mimetic harmony between his works and their locations is demonstrated via the use of a language that is unitary in form and employs just a few simple materials such as coloured concrete, steel slabs treated with wax and transparent and satin glass – creating harmony with the primitive nature of the mighty stone walls of the original construction.

Completing the publication is a rich array of photographs taken by René Riller who fully conveys the beauty of the abbey – truly a living museum and the fruit of an organic set of architectural conservation, restoration and regeneration works that are among the most significant accomplished in Italy in recent years.

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