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Elena Sforza

100 racconti per bambini coraggiosi

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The world is full of brave people; you just need to discover them. So here are 100 stories for 100 nights, a story of courage every night.

Young readers, page after page, will understand that courage has nothing to do with muscles and physical strength, but with a self-awareness of their own limits and with the desire to go beyond them or, at the very least, to be able to accept them.
They’ll read about Hannibal the Carthaginian warrior who challenged the unbeatable Romans by crossing the Alps on elephants or Alex Zanardi who, after a terrible accident, invested all his courage in reinventing his life, venture which turned out to be not only possible but totally worth living. They’ll learn the story of judges Falcone and Borsellino united against the mafia, of explorer Amundsen who challenged the ice pole, of the Dalai Lama who boldly resisted the Chinese invader, of Don Quixote who attempted a fight even against the windmills and others, including Freddy Mercury, Ayrton Senna, President Obama and Pope Francesco…
100 names for 100 tales: the story of lives so exceptionally common they became extraordinary will help young readers overcome many stereotypes on courage.
Dedicated to children all over the world, to those who dream about their heroes and to those who fall asleep hoping they will become like them one day.
Discover the courage, what you have deep inside, what it takes to tackle fears, sorrows and insecurities. Search for whatever helps you not to feel ashamed when you cry, not to escape from challenges instead of facing them, whatever will teach you how to make your every wish come true.

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