Understanding Europe with Philippe Daverio

From gastronomy to the history of the visual arts and music, philosophy and science. Europe seen through the eyes of its peoples and the anthropological culture that unites, differentiates and integrates them is the topic of four talks-shows by Philippe Daverio, author of numerous books on these subjects published by Rizzoli, at the Teatro Carcano in Milan.
Ho finalmente capito l'Europa - “I understand Europe, at last”
Four talks-shows with Philippe Daverio
Monday, 8.30 pm
- 23 October 2017
La genesi dell’Europa fra intellettuali e visionari - “The genesis of Europe, its intellectuals and visionaries”
St Columban, Victor Hugo, Ortega y Gasset and Sir Winston Churchill

- 27 November 2017
L’Europa della musica e delle arti - “The Europe of music and the arts”
From Comacine masters to baroque architects, from Handel to Verdi

- 29 January 2018
L’Europa dello stomaco (a tavola) – “Europe and its stomach (at the table)”
From tomatoes to foie gras, via beans, turkeys, potatoes, coffee with chocolate and, lastly, spaghetti

- 19 March 2018
L’Europa medioevale illuminata - “Enlightened mediaeval Europe”
Universities, wandering clergymen, Dante and Petrarch
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