the historic series A&a – Architetti e architettura turns 20 and is renewed

Architects and Architecture is a series by Electa that turns 20 in 2022. The titles it hosts are part of a living catalogue that has established the name of Electa in Italy and abroad and still provides an indispensable frame of reference for reflections on design practice, the theory of architecture and its languages.

To celebrate the two decades since its foundation, the series is renewed in its graphic design and covers, curated by the studio Tassinari/Vetta.  These covers characterised by a graphic family, identitarian colors and compact formats will create the future image of the architecture books published by Electa.
Alongside the new titles, Electa will reissue on the market titles that have enjoyed a favourable reception in recent years and that have marked the history of the publishing house.

Following the presentation in July of the reissues with the new graphic design of Sergio Polano and Pierpaolo Vetta’s Abecedario. La grafica del novecento, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Le stampe giapponesi, other titles particularly in demand, also renewed, will return to bookstores in autumn:
- Sussidiario, grafica e caratteri moderni by Sergio Polano and Paolo Tassinari, which, continuing the themes in Abecedario, illustrates in depth, also thanks to an exhaustive collection of illustrations, how graphic design and ways of communicating have been renewed in contemporary times;

- Francesco Venezia, Cosa è architettura, which brings together the most important essays by one of the most famous Italian architects, the author of works and projects subject to the continuous attention of international culture;

- Peter Zumthor, Atmosfere, an aphoristic book in which one of the most original architects active today, winner of outstanding international awards including the Pritzker Prize, shares with readers the sources of inspiration of his work;

- Fiorella Bulegato and Elena Dallapiana, Il design degli architetti, 1920-2000: the book reconstructs the reasons why Italian design has acquired undisputed prestige worldwide and offers readers a reflection on a theme of growing topicality: to what extent can design be an activity independent of that carried out by architects?