The exhibition “David Yarrow. Nella natura Selvaggia”

The official exhibition dedicated to Nella natura Selvaggia, David Yarrow’s latest book, published by Rizzoli, hosted at Spazio Ersel in Turin
From the 27th of October to the 24th November

Starting with the book published by Rizzoli, a collection of his magnificent photos, Spazio Ersel in Turin will be hosting the first exhibition in Italy of Scottish photographer David Yarrow, the most renowned wildlife and nature photographer in the world, from the 27th October to the 24th November.

The exhibition “Nella natura selvaggia” is made up of 15 masterpieces each in different sizes: Small, Standard and Large. These captivating pictures were taken during trips to Nigeria, Kenya, Yellowstone, Congo and lastly his trip to North Korea. A hunter of feline and archaic souls and landscapes forgotten by time, David Yarrow doesn’t challenge the picture, or builds it, rather he interacts with it transporting the spectator into this mysterious world which becomes a constant vibration between reality and metaphysics. David Yarrow isn’t only drawn to wildlife but he also documents ghost cities, tribes and tribal communities, such as Green Bay or Dortmund, or great men like Arnold Palmer in Augusta.