The architectures of Atelier Mendini on show at the Triennale

From 12 April to 6 May the architectural masterpieces of Atelier Medini will be exhibited at Milan’s Triennale with a catalogue curated by Electa.

Architecture has always been and will always be Alessandro and Francesco Mendini’s alpha and omega.

The history of the firm and the unique evolution of its projects is narrated in 26 wooden models, miniature masterpieces in themselves made especially for the exhibition, and through 13 drawings and pictures.

The exhibition and catalogue are both curated by Aldo Colonetti. The book Atelier Mendini. Le Architetture is just one of the many catalogues by Electa dedicated to the Mendini’s work, the most famous being Codice Mendini, a monograph by Fulvio Irace, which will also be available at the Triennale’s bookshop.
Electa’s most recently published books on design and architecture will be available at the Triennale, including the catalogue Storie. Il Design Italiano, the volume Triennale Design Museum. Il Museo Mutante and the latest edition of the monograph on Achille Castiglioni.