Estate sul Palatino

Summer on the Palatine Hill – see what’s on

The Palatine Hill is a protagonist of Summer 2018. An exhibition entitled “Il Palatino e il suo giardino segreto. Nel fascino degli Horti farnesiani is a journey back in time, from the mid-16th century when Cardinal Alessandro Farnese created the gardens until the days of the Grand Tour and Goethe’s description of them. It is a multisensorial route that also becomes a multimedia and immersive one, with virtual reconstructions of the old Farnese Gardens.
“Tours on the verdant slopes of the Palatine Hill. Myth, history and nature” is a theme tour embracing 1500 years of history and nearly one kilometre in length. This special initiative is accompanied by an illustrated guide, in Italian and English. “Sunset on the Palatine Hill, Goethe’s Walk” is the second special initiative, a guided tour helping visitors see the Hill through the German writer’s eyes and the romantic beauty of harmony between nature and art.