Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry.
Una vita per immagini

When Steve McCurry’s career took off in the 1970s, travelling meant leaving behind roots and family, with no daily Skype call to Mum and Dad, no news feed from home and no checking on the cats via webcam. Steve McCurry’s choice to hop on a plane and fly to isolated places, to explore cultures that had yet to come into contact with western civilization was extremely brave.

Courage to travel alone is not enough; the key to his extraordinary success, exemplified by the Afghan Girl’s famous green eyes, lies, according to his sister Bonnie, in his
“surprising ability of establishing a deep connection with people he just met, and to touch in them universal chords”
And, we may add, of sharing that connection with a picture.
And so, the need arose for a book retracing the life of Steve McCurry, because his life is the base and the necessary condition for each picture to come to life.

Steve McCurry. Una vita per Immagini”is the illustrated biography of a photographer who has left his mark in our collective imagination more than most, telling the stories of people from all cultures through his pictures. It is the result of intimate and precious conversations between siblings, it is the account of an intrepid life dedicated to beauty, a gift to the public, the testimony of one man’s life
“who has shared his view of the world with millions of people and has opened a window on the human condition that not many people would be able to open themselves”.
Steve and Bonnie McCurry will personally present this book to their Italian readers on two rare and unmissable occasions: on 17th November in Turin and 18th November in Milan.

Information on the event held on 17th November in Turin

Information on the event held on 18th November in Milan

The quotes on this page are taken from the introduction written by Bonnie McCurry for Steve McCurry. Una vita per Immagini by Bonnie McCurry.