Pompeii and the Greeks

From 11 April to 27 November 2017 in Pompeii, the exhibition “Pompei e i greci” (Pompeii and the Greeks) narrates a Roman city that is also unexpectedly Greek. Overlooking the Mediterranean, and part of Campania, like all the settlements in ancient Italy, Pompeii had constant and multiform contacts with the Greek world, recorded since before the city was founded. On display are exhibits from Pompeii and leading national and European museums, which in many cases are returning to Italy for the first time. Ceramics, ornaments and weapons, architectural features, sculptures from Pompeii, Metapontum, Poseidonia, Cumae, Capua and Gela, inscriptions in the several languages spoken (Greek, Etruscan and paleo-Italic) tomb goods from several Mediterranean centres, documents from the oldest thermal baths, reproduced Greek sculptures and architectural slabs. Electa Catalogue.

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