Opening of the new Museo Archeologico di Castellammare di Stabiae

The Museo Archeologico di Castellammare di Stabiae, the new museum venue designed to display of the many prestigious exhibits from the Stabiae area, was presented on 24 September in the historic rooms of the Reggia di Quisisana.

The operation, curated and promoted by the Parco Archeologico di Pompei (Archaeological Park of Pompeii) and organised by Electa, has restored to the Italian heritage the most ancient Bourbon royal site, a symbolic building that boasts a history of over seven centuries, together with precious relics of everyday life, in particular that took place in the Roman villas of otium and in the country villas, located in a panoramic position with views over the Gulf of Naples.

The Museum is named after Libero D'Orsi (1888-1977) who, in the 1950s, undertook the rediscovery of the Stabian Villas, already partially investigated in the Bourbon period.

Numerous evidences  are on display, some never exhibited before in Italy, including frescoes, floors in opus sectile, stucco ornaments, sculptures, terracotta, tableware, bronze and iron objects, partly already housed in the  Antiquarium of Stabiae, installed in the downtown by Libero d'Orsi and closed to the public since 1997. Now a new museum venue of fundamental value for the knowledge and enhancement of Campania's archaeological heritage has been restored to citizens and tourists: a museum that will integrate the cultural offering and the archaeological circuit of  the ancient Stabiae, in a network with the sites of Villa San Marco and Villa Arianna, all of which are open to visitors.

For all information visit the site of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.