A Napoli i musei sono cool

Museums in Naples are cool. Capodimonte is showing its hidden masterpieces and the Mann is crowded with visitors

Until 15 May the Museum of Capodimonte is hosting an exhibition showcasing the works preserved in its deposits, and therefore normally not on display to the public. A museum within the museum, unknown and waiting to be discovered as a place of freedom, creativity and expressive potential. The exhibition Depositi di Capodimonte. Storie ancora da scrivere is the second chapter of a trilogy and is promoted by the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte in collaboration with Electa. At the Electa bookshop you can buy a selection of objects and art books.

The Mann, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, directed by Paolo Giulierini, is the top museum of 2018: in three years visitor numbers have soared from 520,000 to 615,000. “Thanks to the museum’s continuous reorganisation, we have grown by 20%,” explains the director, “and now our goal is to reach one million visitors.” The museum is hosting the exhibition and on the ground floor is the Electa bookshop, with its display design and range of offerings recently renewed.