Fabio Mauri

Last few days of Fabio Mauri’s exhibition at the MADRE museum

Last few days of an exhibition at the MADRE museum in Naples entitled “Retrospettiva a luce solida” and focusing on Fabio Mauri (Rome, 1926-2009), a master of the Neo-avantgardes of the second half of the 20th century. His works and actions – spanning painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and performance – explored the European history of the “short 20th century”, its conflicts and contradictions. Initially close to the coeval research of Pop Art, Mauri subsequently pursued a radical autonomy before developing his own unique, personal research. Organised in close collaboration with Studio Fabio Mauri, the exhibition is the most comprehensive on the artist held in the last two decades with more than 100 works. The visitor route turns the entire museum into a multiple experience in which the work dialogues with his project. It features an exciting multimedia route that engages onlookers in a succession of the artist’s dialectic ideas and experiments.