Gianluigi Colin, from paper to “sudari” Two books and an exhibition to discover the artist and author

Gialuigi Colin, the artist and author who designed, created and illustrated the pages of Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper for over thirty years, is the protagonist of the exhibition “Sudari” at the Triennale di Milano from 11 May to 10 June.

Colin’s Sudari (shrouds) are a sequence of abstract works charged with strong chromatic hues, striped patterns and extended uniform coats of paint. But what makes this collection truly fascinating is its genesis, which highlights the artist’s personal history and the conceptual roots of his recent research. Gianluigi Colin has collected the large swab cloths used to clean the rotary printing presses from different newspapers. They are essentially “rotary-paintings”; swathes of polyester fabric used to symbolically “remove” the world’s news.

The catalogue – entitled Gianluigi Colin, Sudari – is published by Electa and includes reproductions of the 16 previously unpublished large canvases, plus a smaller diptych. Also published by Electa is No News Good News, an entrancing biography narrated through illustrations, an artist’s reflection upon the state of the world. The book, curated by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, represents the dialogue between the artist's two worlds, between pictures and words.