Fly to #NewYorkNewYork with the Instagramers New York New York: the exhibition and other events

#NewYorkNewYork tells the tale of a group of leading Italian artists who fell in love with the Big Apple in the early 20th century and whose passion for all things American swept them up in the process of the gradual globalisation of the art market and the world in general.
@ElectaEditore, @Museodel900 and @Gallerieditalia, together with the @igersmilano community, inaugurate the first in a series of exhibition dates exclusively reserved for instagramers who want to live the American dream.
First date is Sunday 14 May, exploring New York through the works of Italian artists such as Depero, De Chirico and Cagli, while over the following months exhibitions will cover new examples of America seen through the eyes of the pick of other great 20th century Italian artists.
The exhibition shows roughly 150 works, divided between the Museo del Novecento and the Gallerie d’Italia in an entwined, complementary path. The Museo del Novecento shows the America of people’s dreams as interpreted by Italian artists, while the Gallerie d’Italia in Piazza della Scala illustrates the artists’ reconstruction of relationships with the institutions, the galleries and the American collectors who promoted Italian artists and their art in the USA.
#NewYorkNewYork #igersinmostra
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