Burkhalter Sumi Architekten The first monography in Italian

The first monography in Italian on the work of the Zurich-based Swiss architects founded in 1984 by Mariane Burkhalter and Christian Sumi. The book has a brief preface by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, owners of Grafton Architects, and guides the readers through the architecture and design work from Burkhalter & Sumi during the last fifteen years, much of it for government and corporate projects.
Critical essays by Jacques Lucan and Marco Pogacnik offer vital new interpretative insights into their work, with a particular emphasis on the research the architects carried out on the theme of collective residences, the lynchpin of their work. Tradition and experiments blend to produce strongly characterised residential complexes.

In Burkhalter Sumi Architekten the works are presented almost as a narrative, recounting the different strategies the two architects know so well how to use with a clarity regarding in particular the graphic layout of the book, where drawings and section blueprints offer a fascinating insight into a world of top architects.