libreria del Colosseo

A new Electa bookshop is opening at the Colosseum’s Archaeological Park

The Electa publishing house has inaugurated a new bookshop and information point at the Colosseum’s Archaeological Park.

A completely renovated shop welcomes visitors at the entrance of the Colosseum’s Archaeological Park at the Largo della Salara Vecchia.
The shop’s set up and decor has been curated by Patricia Urquiola’s design studio in Milan. The elegance of the design and the materials blends perfectly with the modern set up and lighting of the merchandise: the billowing and pierced walls recall the softness of curtains, while the finishings of the decorative elements are inspired by the marbled look of fine stonework, recreating the ancient splendour of the surrounding park and monuments.
The bookstore offers a selection of merchandising and published material which allows visitors to bring home a small part of what they have admired and to learn more about what sparked their curiosity during their visit. Here you will find guidebooks and introductory books on various subjects alongside photography books, informational books and a series of scientific essays both Italian and foreign.
The “video wall” 16:9 is also very important. The wall serves as an impactful and spectacular means of communication which illustrates in an effective and captivating manner, the ample variety of activities and initiatives offered to public in the Park’s archaeological area.