Electa Publishing organises, designs and produces exhibitions in the world’s most prestigious museums. In over twenty years Electa has produced more than 200 exhibitions, acquiring a reputation as one of the principal players in the market.
A privileged partner for leading Italian and international institutions, the Arts, Exhibitions and Museums Division manages landmark exhibitions through their efficient team of experts.
Electa has organised temporary exhibitions in a broad range of fields, from archeaology to contemporary art. Among some of the signature exhibitions Electa has been responsible for over the last few years are “Warhol: Headlines”, “Vettor Pisani, Hero and Anti-hero: a Retrospective”, “Rodin. Marble and Life”, “Klein Fontana. Milan Paris 1957-1962”, “Terrantica”, “Giotto, l’Italia”, “Henry Moore”, “Balthus”, “Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome and Byzantium”, “Egypt and Pompeii”.

Over the years Electa has worked in partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious museums, from the British Museum, to the Tate, the Louvre, the Hermitage, the Berlin Staatliche Museen and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

The Exhibitions team handles the whole process, designing, managing and promoting exhibitions and cultural events and dealing directly with the organisers.

The Electa team prides itself on its commitment to an ongoing, open dialogue with exhibition curators, organisers and sponsors, ensuring that the right marketing and communication strategies are in place, together with appropriate economic and management models, to ensure the success of each and every project. Electa Exhibitions and Museums also provides ancillary services, such as bookshops and merchandising.

The Electa Arts, Exhibitions and Museums Division works all over Italy and has offices in Milan, Rome and Naples dedicated to managing exhibitions in central, northern and southern Italy.

Download a complete list of Electa exhibitions from 1999 to 2016, in pdf format.