Claudia Cavatorta

Claudia Cavatorta is curator of the Photography Section of the Centre for Studies and Archives of Communication at the University of Parma, where she is in charge of the historical collections, photojournalistic archives and the Section's teaching and exhibition activities. Her publications include: I fratelli Zangaki a Port Said, in: 'AFT' (Archivio Fotografico Toscano) no. 44, 2006; Il racconto fotografico del Paese tra fine Ottocento e inizio del nuovo secolo, dall'atelier alla produzione amatoriale, (Sagep, 2015); two essays in Italiani in posa: l'Ottocento, and Figure dell'impegno, in: I Mille scatti per una Storia d'Italia, (Skira, 2013); the editing of the illustrations and catalogue for A. C. Quintavalle's Viaggi a Oriente, (Skira, 2021).