Fiction and Poetry

Sistiana Lombardi

Tutta colpa delle fragole

Tutta colpa delle fragole

Milan. After a holiday a journalist in her thirties who has just ended a tormented relationship she can't forget returns to the office and a series of unexpected complications...

Dating apps? Everyone talks about them but few people actually use them. Or at least that is what our protagonist, who’s never wanted to rely on her smartphone in order to meet people, believes. But when her boss asks her to write an article on Matchy – a popular app for “lonely (and some not so lonely) hearts” – she changes her mind and sets out explore this new reality. After all she’d try anything to get out of the rut she’s been in since she met the man she thought was “The One”. Will burying herself in work and organising a few blind dates be enough to forget the curly-haired bastard and their gruelling on-off relationship? Maybe not, considering the type of men she’ll have to deal with on Matchy: tattoo artists eager to boast about their mother’s culinary skills; food bloggers who invite girls to dinner only to improvise a full blown photographic set and immortalise multiple course meals worthy of a Michelin star restaurant; perverts with no tact, ideas or charm but always ready to try their luck with a girl in the most questionable manner (to use a euphemism…). in a whirlwind of tragicomic dates, quarrels and ghosts from the past materialising at the worst possible moment, nothing seems to be going the way it should. Until a journey in Matchy’s magical world ends in the most unexpected place.

14 x 21
paperback with flaps
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Fiction and Poetry