Sean Godsell Opere e progetti

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The first monograph on the work of the Australian architect Sean Godsell. Single-family houses built in natural settings and designed with a particular focus on the use of natural materials, light and color.

[Sean Godsell. Works and projects] This monograph documents the work of the Australian architect Sean Godsell. Godsell was born in 1960 in Melbourne, where he took a degree in architecture at the University of Melbourne in 1984. The following year he traveled in Japan and Europe; then, until 1988, he worked in the studio of Denys Lasdun in London. Having returned to Australia, in 1994 he founded the studio Godsell Associates Pty Ltd Architects in Melbourne. Starting in 1994 he was a tutor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where he took a Master’s degree in Architecture in 1999. In recent years he has received many international prizes and honors.
The central focus of Godsell’s research is the theme of residence, approached through study of Japanese traditions and constant investigation of the questions of paths, materials and light. The fascinating nature of Australia, the age-old trees, sand dunes and luminous colors form the backdrop for the work of this young architect. The materials utilized in his buildings -such as wood, first of all- reflect these characteristics, conveying a sense of wild but composed natural vigor. Starting with the houses built in the early 1990s, such as Gandolfo House (1993-94) and MacSween House (1995), the monograph continues with certain residential works that have received many prizes, like Kew House (1996-97), Carter/Tucker House (1998-2000) and Peninsula House (2000-02).

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