Maria Rita Wojcik

Museo Claudio Faina di Orvieto. Ceramica attica a figure nere

curated by Francesco Roncalli

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Part of the series on the cultural assets of Umbria, this volume documents the pieces of Attic black figure pottery displayed at the Museo Faina of Orvieto.

[Museo Claudio Faina of Orvieto / Attic black figure pottery] The Umbria Region has spent decades on the systematic cataloguing of the cultural assets found in its territory. This activity has led to a series of books presenting the results of these efforts aimed at protecting and publicizing the region’s unique heritage. This volume in the series, on Attic black figure pottery at the Museo Faina in Orvieto, documents the figured ceramics of ancient Greece. Vases produced from the 6th to the 4th century BC in Athens, found for the most part in tombs. These works are outstanding for their technical, aesthetic, but also economic quality; objects that were widely used in all the social categories and in many different moments of public and private life.
Painted pottery was highly developed in the Hellenic world, but it was only in Athens, in the quarter known as Kerameios with its workshops and kilns, that the evolution took place which was to lead to black figure pottery. For every precious object the book indicates the school of painting, the historical-archaeological context, the technique utilized and the scene depicted.

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