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Edoardo Boncinelli

La vita e i suoi misteri Dalla genetica alla salvaguardia dell'ambiente

La vita e i suoi misteri

What mechanisms that regulate life? How do cells age? What do we mean by hereditary traits?

If our whole life was determined by genes and chance, we wouldn’t consider ourselves free. It’s the randomness of our education and development that makes us unique. It’s what filters through our complex make up that allows us to exert our freedom in life, from big decisions to small everyday choices. At the start of the third millennium humanity is faced with two opposing scenarios. On the one hand our planet is incapable of continuing to sustain over seven billion people using its resources indiscriminately. On the other hand scientific progress gives us a glimpse into a future in which DNA modification will be possible. Has humanity sparked a process beyond our control in the name of progress? Yet that same progress has given us the key to mastering our biological destiny. To many this may seem a contradiction, which is why a renowned scientist has decided to delve deeper and explain, in a clear and concise manner, the new frontiers of genetics and its implication for our future. From micro to macro, cell to biosphere and genome, GMO, biotechnology and evolution, in this book the reader will find answers to many questions about the interaction between Man and Nature. Questions which are increasingly related to issues in the news, sometimes involving difficult ethical choices, such as where research on ageing and our overwhelming desire to lengthen life will lead.

12 x 19,5
hardcover with dust jacket
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Science & technology