Simone Salvini

La mia vita in verde Storia di un cuoco vegetariano felice

La mia vita in verde

What is it that spurs a promising young man, a university graduate and successfully launched upon a sporting career, to become so totally taken up with cooking and natural food as to become one of the best trained top vegetarian, vegan and Ayurvedic chefs?

In this book, Simone tells his life story from childhood to adulthood of how with study, patience and talent he has become the great cook he is today. In his work, Simone has managed to combine his skill, knowledge, intellectual curiosity and study of Eastern cultures to become the leading expert he is in natural food, especially vegan and Ayurvedic. What is more, he is undaunted by the prospect of exploring new avenues. All this is recounted in a book where personal experiences are closely linked to professional choices and where encounters, passions, emotions and desires come together to create an exemplary path of commitment and perseverance towards reaching his goal. He demonstrates how even the best and most exciting jobs involve effort, commitment, study, sweat, and above all application of heart and mind. In each chapter, devoted to a different period in his life, Simone includes a recipe, linked to that particular time and the thread of his recollections. The book concludes with four seasonal menus with which Simone gives us yet another touch of flavour and goodness.

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