Steve McCurry, Gianni Riotta

Il mondo di Steve McCurry Steve McCurry si racconta a Gianni Riotta

Il mondo di Steve McCurry

Here, two powerful voices talk about photography, offering an exciting opportunity to understand the present and the reasons behind some of the most iconic shots of our time.

The world of Steve McCurry is marked by distant borders, inaccessible to the common traveller, stretching from the icy highlands of Afghanistan to the torrid deserts of Africa, and from the tormented cities of Latin America to the tranquil piazzas of Italy. In his world it is not infrequent to come across unusual people who while appearing to be different are, nevertheless, a recognisable reflection of all of us. This is because it is we who inhabit Steve’s photographs, it is we who observe the advance of a Russian convoy and play in the street, or walk over rough roads in Nepal and are ourselves the monks walking in the rain. We are the Afghan Girl watching the lens with dignity and uncertainty. To tell us about this world, and to tell us how it really is, we have Gianni Riotta, a seasoned journalist, traveller and wanderer like Steve. Here, Gianni is our press pass to remote yet very close places: the reporter’s gaze meets that of the photographer. Gianni Riotta talks with Steve McCurry, their voices intertwine, mix, each with a different strength and poise. Steve’s story, which focuses on times and places, changeovers and risks, becomes, thanks to Gianni’s voice, the account of a continuing turmoil, a world still prisoner to uncertainty and pain.

17 x 24
hardcover with dust jacket
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