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David Long, Nicholas Stevenson

Il diario del piccolo viaggiatore nel tempo Incontra le grandi superstar della storia

Il diario del piccolo viaggiatore nel tempo

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Think how wonderful it would be to learn history by actually being there and watching the events happen. All young students would like history lessons to be lively and eventful. This book offers an opportunity to address this key subject in a fun but informed way. Packed with interesting information, special illustrations and a chronology of events, young travellers will explore a million years of history in a flash!

Where would you go if there was a magic diary that could transport you to any moment in history? To the Colosseum in Roman times? To the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece? To the moon with Apollo 11? Accompany this young traveller on the adventure and meet hundreds of famous names in history e.g. Einstein, Columbus and the young Mozart. The story begins when Teo falls asleep at his desk in a history lesson and is awakened by his teacher, who gives him a book with blank pages and a yellow pencil, asking “Why do you think the world is as you see it today? Have you ever wondered who invented all the amazing things around us? Where do our houses come from, our language, our habits and the technology we use? Imagine travelling back millions of years in time; wouldn’t you like to see for yourself how the world has changed? Go home this evening and think of a historic event you would like to know more about, write it down on the first page of this book and prepare yourself.” That is how his fantastic journey through time began.

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