Fiction and Poetry

Erin Bow

I cavalieri cigno Il seguito de "Il dominio dello scorpione"

I cavalieri cigno

Greta Stuart always knew what her fate would be: to die young.

She is the Crown Princess of her homeland, but also a hostage destined to be the first victim in an inevitable war. But when it eventually comes, it’s a war that breaks all the rules and in which Greta forges a very different path for herself. No more a princess, nor a hostage, not even human: Greta Stuart becomes an AI, Artificial Intelligence. If she can survive the transition, Greta will win her place alongside Talis, the all-powerful AI that dominates the world. Talis strongly believes in keeping the peace through the use of extreme weapons. If his problems become too personal, however, he summons the Swan Knights to sort them out: a tightly-knit group of humans, they are part army and part cult, and they serve the AIs. And so, two Swan Knights escort Greta and Talis across the post-apocalyptic landscape of Saskatchewan. But Greta’s fate has plunged her kingdom into open insurrection, and the vast dry grasslands may conceal rebels bent on saving her… or perhaps killing her. One of these is Elián Palnik, the boy who Greta saved, but also a boy who wants to change the world – with his knife, if need be. And perhaps even the fiercely loyal Swan Knights are not all they seem. Greta’s fate, and the fate of the world, are teetering on the edge.

14 x 21
hardcover with coloured dust jacket
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Fiction and Poetry