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A creative leader who can boast that some of his objects are in the collections of the major contemporary art museums in London and America.

Fashion designer, talent scout, entrepreneur and communicator, Elio Fiorucci opened his first, now legendary, store in Milan in 1967, showing the Milanese the latest novelties from Carnaby street and Manhattan. In 1970 he designed together with Italo Lupi his very famous logo with the little Victorian angels.
The Fiorucci style is based on setting many elements drawn from different cultures in a fresh context, with a pinch of nostalgia and pride in the past, blended with an eye to the future. It is a virtuoso balance that breaks with every preconception by adopting extremely diverse materials, forms and things, free from any cultural prejudices or limitations.
All this makes it easy to see why his label has won worldwide acclaim, in fact, his global distribution extends from Europe as far as South America and Japan.

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