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Essere Parma

Essere Parma

To celebrate its first hundred years, the Acqua di Parma brand is promoting the town of Parma by publishing a composite work: a novel by Antonella Boralevi and a book of photographs by Giovanni Gastel.

A prestigious project which, together with exhibitions and concerts being promoted by the brand in Parma next spring, have the ambitious aim of relaunching the town of Parma on the international cultural stage. A century of history for a brand is a serious birthday and Acqua di Parma plans to celebrate it in style in line with the broader objectives of the international LVMH group. Because of this, the aim is not just to promote the product but also the town where it is made, a small city of culture during the era of Giuseppe Verdi and Maria Luisa of Austria, where, in 1916, its famous Colonia fragrance was created by a young master perfumer called Magnani. The publishing project consists of a novel written specially for the occasion by the well-known writer Antonella Boralevi, an amazing story set in the town of Parma. The photographic collection, on the other hand, has been curated by Giovanni Gastel who, through his eloquent shots, has interpreted the traditions and contemporary nature of the town, capturing its architecture, art, landscapes and areas of excellence, the idea of ‘duality’ being a recurring theme. This large book ends with a folder signed by both authors, in which Antonella Boralevi tells the true story of the perfume company from 1916 to the present day, interpreted by Giovanni Gastel through his astonishing dual photographic depictions. A publishing project which shows that the brand is always keen to perpetrate the extremely high value of Italian tradition and culture on a global scale.

32,5 x 40,5
hardcover with dust jacket
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