Arianna Piazza

You The digital fashion revolution. Grazia & The Blonde Salad


For about a decade, the world of fashion and the media has been witnessing the arrival and growth of a seemingly unstoppable phenomenon: the influence of the Internet community. This book examines the most important events that led to its creation, the current situation and the future prospects.

Digital leaders or influencers come from the world of blogs, especially fashion blogs which began their activities online, posting opinions and images and recommending websites but then moved on to signalling interesting looks (their own or of others), inspirational images and consumer products. With the advent of social networks, the bloggers’ world was enhanced and transformed to include an entire community, in a constant flow of communication and idea-sharing which, for about a decade, has been the true protagonist of the Internet. This book sets out to describe the key steps that led to the formation of this extremely powerful phenomenon of the Internet community, especially that which has focused on discussing and setting trends, following its development from the formation of the cultural and social sphere where the phenomenon was born. It goes on to describe its actual coming into being, its official recognition by the media, the market and creative industry, its unstoppable growth and its transformations. It describes its current status and its potential development in the future. In this story, in Italy, the weekly magazine Grazia played a key role as a pioneer and talent scout by opening a blog in 2006, just after the launch of the first iconic fashion blogs and just before the appearance of the Italian blog that became an icon and a case history studied at Harvard, Chiara Ferragni’s The Blond Salad.

16.5 x 24
paperback with dust jacket
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