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Peter Signorini

Come natura crea Cirio, una storia italiana

Come natura crea

Different men with different stories. Men whose destinies meet, clash and influence each other.

Francesco Cirio is the founder hero, the adventurer who emerged from childhood poverty with a million ideas. He started his career from a humble market stall and ended up as one of the powerful, trading on the “Made in Italy” brand before the expression even existed, more a marketing genius merchandising all things Italian rather than an industrialist. He was to serve as an inspiration to the young Pietro Signorini, privileged one day to observe Cirio at work in his native Casalpusterlengo. Pietro studied and learned, motivated by the ethical code and insatiable talent of someone who sees far ahead. Pietro grew up and created the food industry of the future. By 1900, the year the Cirio company was created, the man whose name it bore was simply the ancient patriarch of a dream. The name was purely a homage: this was not his project, his idea or his capital.
Signorini, originally from Lodigiano, chose Naples as his promised land and his Cirio proved how innovative it was right from the start. But this was far from the end of the story. Pietro died at only 45, and was succeeded by his younger brother Paolo, who at the time was 32. A succession which saw the birth of the future of the Italian food industry. Cirio became a symbol and Paolo Signorini became a new breed of entrepreneur. He lived for the company and the company lived for him. “Rich convent and poor monks” he would say every day. His company grew constantly, not to make its shareholders rich but to do better and keep that precious spark bequeathed by Francesco Cirio and Pietro Signorini alive.

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