Dal Tramonto all'Appia

Cinema, music and dance: Dal Tramonto all’Appia 2018 The festival at Cecilia Metella and Villa dei Quintili from 5 to 15 July

The film cycle at Villa dei Quintili this year is titled Fronte dell'Appia. In the year that marks the centenary of the Great War, it is good to remember that the 20th century was an endless series of wartime massacres and cinema was a second front as a tool of propaganda, with the different film industries waging economic warfare, yet it also denounced the terrible conflicts. The ashes of the tragic past are embodied in images, narratives variously cloying, comic or tragic. The programme highlights the most significant of them.

Also on the calendar is a debate that invites us to reflect on Antonio Cederna’s lucid and timely vision of Rome. The famous journalist and intellectual, the driving force behind famous battles for the protection of the Italian cultural and environmental heritage and in particular the Appian Way, is featured in a documentary with which Milo Adami won the 2017 Zavattini Prize. The director will be talking about it with the archaeologist Maria Pia Guermandi, the urban planner Vezio de Lucia and the journalist Francesco Erbani on 6 July.


Music, dance and words at Cecilia Metella

Thursday 5 July - 8.30 pm
Rossana Casale (voice and piano) in concert
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Friday 6 July - 8.30 pm
Se questa è una città. La Roma di Antonio Cederna
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Saturday 7 July - 8.30 pm
Concert by the Letizia Gambi trio in 3D
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Sunday 8 July - 8.30 pm
"Italian Form" dance show
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Cinema at Villa dei Quintili

Monday 9 July – 9.00 pm
Guerra alpina and Maciste alpino
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Wednesday 11 July - 9.00 pm
Charlot soldato and All’Ovest niente di nuovo (All Quiet on the Western Front, 1930, 133')
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Saturday 14 July – 9.00 pm
Vogliamo vivere (To Be or Not to Be, 1942, 99’) and Il grande dittatore (The Great Dictator, 1940, 126')
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Sunday, 15 July – 9.00 pm
Befana di Guerra and La grande illusione (La Grande illusion, 1937, 113 ')
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Dal Tramonto all'Appia

The archaeological sites will remain open beyond the usual time to enjoy the beauty of the setting at sunset (until the end of the events at Cecilia Metella).

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